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8 Teacher Tips for How to Discipline a Child 


I'm Maria Ellis, the founder of Choupicos Press and Chief Silly Mama.

I taught English in a classroom for a number of years in two different countries. I learned a few things about how to discipline a child.

I have prepared a FREE PDF for you with 8 teacher tips for how to discipline a child.
All the tips come from my direct experience as a teacher (I'm a good one!) and a mom (silly, irreverent, laughing a lot and loving them to the moon). 

I have super well-behaved kids. Says... everybody, including my mother-in-law! And not because I'm tough on them - or (as some people assume) because there are no rules at our house. There are rules - and I have been known to raise my voice too every once in a while. But I am fair, and I always let them know in advance, and... well, download the PDF!

All the best to you and your family,


PS: You will get the PDF if you agree to stay in touch with me :). Yep, I have to ask for something in return... 
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